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what's the importance of spark plug in car.

May 10,2023

As we all know, thespark plugis an important part of the gasoline engine. It is used for ignition. The pulse high voltage of the ignition coil discharges at the front end to form a spark. When the gasoline is compressed, the spark plug spark ignites the gasoline to keep the engine running normally. The spark plug is the key to the ignition system of the car. The ignition system is the key to the working of the engine. Can you introduce how often to replace the spark plugs, and the hazards of not replacing the spark plugs in time. And the grade classification of torch spark plug? How to let car owners and friends know more about torch spark plugs, so as to promote the replacement rate of spark plugs.

Platinum metal has similar physicochemical properties:

High melting point, high strength, stable electric heating, high resistance to spark erosion, excellent corrosion resistance, strong high temperature oxidation resistance, and good catalytic activity. But having said that, it does not mean that torch spark plugs contain platinum, which means that anyone can make gold. In order to better meet the needs of engine working conditions, spark plugs will add other elements to precious metals to strengthen their characteristics. Therefore, regardless of the workload or the difficulty of the work, alchemy is a highly technically difficult job.

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