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Why should the whole set be replaced when the ignition coil fails?

February 03,2023

The core components of the ignition system are the  ignition coil  and the  spark plug . The ignition coil is the power source that provides the ignition energy. High voltage electricity is generated through Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The spark plug is the switch that releases the ignition energy. The engine speed is high. Take the 2000 rpm engine as an example, the single cylinder coil ignites 1000 times per minute. The reliability of the ignition is particularly important. The high-quality ignition coil and spark plug are the guarantee for the reliable operation of the engine. Torch is a professional manufacturer of ignition systems , change the preferred brand.

As a wearing part, the ignition coil is unavoidable to be replaced due to damage during the entire life cycle of the engine. When a failure occurs, it is recommended to replace only the faulty part or the whole set. The professional manufacturer’s suggestion is to replace the whole set. Please refer to the following for the reasons:

2.1. The service life of the same batch of ignition coils is close

The ignition coil is an organic combination of machinery-plastic-rubber-electronics-chemical and other fields. The aging is mainly manifested in the packaging resin and voltage-resistant rubber sleeve parts. As the use time and mileage increase, the products produced in the same batch will also be successively Entering the replacement cycle, if you just replace the faulty parts, you will face another repair in a short period of time.

2.2. Different brands of ignition coils have different performance parameters



Only replacing the faulty parts may cause mixed use of different brands of products, and the performance parameters of each manufacturer will inevitably have subtle differences. The difference between large manufacturers is small, and the difference between inferior manufacturers is large. It can be understood as easy to use and usable. difference. The mixed assembly of products with different parameters will increase the burden on the vehicle control system, resulting in premature damage to the related parts of the vehicle control system.

There are differences between old and new ignition coils. If you insist on mixing old and new ignition coils, there may be electrical failures and power imbalances that will lead to soaring fuel consumption. In the end, the money saved will not be worth the high fuel costs.