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What happened to those who only changed one spark plug?

January 13,2023

The fact is as the article said, as a repairman, every time he said the reasons and pros and cons, he hoped that customers would replace them in a complete set, but most customers would replace whichever one was broken, thinking that they were saving money, but it was not the case. As a repairman car owner, I think it is best to replace it in one set, because the working environment of several coils on the car is basically the same, and the same product is damaged due to non-quality reasons. In fact, if one is damaged, the others are basically the same. Soon, moreover, the coils of different brand manufacturers are actually different in terms of workmanship, and the internal ignition modules are also different, so to reduce trouble, it is recommended to replace them in a complete set. I strongly recommend that my customers replace the complete set of vehicles after 60,000 kilometers. Vehicles within 60,000 kilometers depend on the specific situation. The same fault cannot cause repeated repairs in the factory, which will waste more money (some vehicles need to remove a lot of accessories, it will be expensive) A certain working hour fee will be incurred)

It is necessary to replace it in a complete set.

From the perspective of a car owner,  Ignition coils  are not expensive accessories in most vehicles, and you can’t miss a big deal just because you save a little money. Most vehicles cannot be driven without multiple cylinders at the same time, and need to be repaired immediately, from contacting the trailer - getting on the trailer - entering the trailer - maintenance inspection - troubleshooting. All my time is wasted, the appearance of working days will affect the work, and the travel on the rest day will interrupt the travel plan. The good mood of the day ends here! 

1: If one of the  spark plugandignition coilis broken, it means that the life of the other is up. The working frequency of the spark plug is the same, and the life of the electronic components of the ignition coil is also the same.

2: Complete set replacement will reduce the repair rate. This is a very good thing for customers and our factory. Customers will not come back because of the same problem, reducing customer complaints; we will not reduce work efficiency due to repairs

3: The replacement of complete sets will bring more profits to the factory, and the salary of technicians will also increase

In the end, I will suggest the benefits of complete set replacement. If there are any deficiencies, please point out to the director, thank you. NGK brand I will strongly recommend customers to replace the complete set of ignition coils and spark plugs, because this avoids rework in our maintenance, and also solves the problems in subsequent car use for customers





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