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Torch Technology New Product Release Announcement

February 03,2023

ignition coil  product model compilation method。


product code Ignition coil for torch gasoline

T: Ignition coil for torch gasoline

R:Ignition coil for gas

Use numbers 1-9 to refer to more than two vehicle types at the same time:

1. Representing Chinese Passenger Cars 2.Represents German passenger cars

3.Represents Japanese passenger cars 4.Represents Korean passenger cars

5. Represents American passenger cars 6.Represents French passenger cars

8. representing other fields

Product instructions-ignition coils:

1:Theignition coilis an important part of the engine ignition system,When the vehicle has the following conditions, the coil may be in abnormal working condition, please detect and replace it in time, so as not to cause engine failure and threaten driving safety.weak acceleration,engine fault light,Difficulty starting the engine car idling vibration.The ignition coil will generate high voltage when it is working, so it is forbidden to disassemble the coil when it is powered on, so as to avoid unnecessary personal injury The ignition coil will be matched with the engine, and the consistency of the pad coil parameters is conducive to the good operation of the ignition system and the engine. In addition, when a single cylinder fails, the ignition coils of other cylinders may also have deteriorated. Therefore, the failure needs to be replaced. , it is recommended to replace the coil of the whole vehicle, otherwise it may cause other unforeseen failures of the engine The service life is affected by other surrounding working environments. Common oil, acid, and alkali will seriously affect the service life of the coil. It is recommended to clean the inside of the engine cylinder bore, the cylinder block and the surrounding oil with water before installing the coil.