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Torch PINIRIDIUM spark plug, opening a new era of high-end quality!

December 14,2022

1. As the name implies, iridium spark plugs are made of iridium.

Iridium is a precious metal with a melting point as high as 2454°C, but its physical properties are brittle. It can be pressed into iridium foil or drawn into iridium filaments at high temperatures. It is very stable, insoluble in water and oil, so high-hardness iridium alloys are often used to make pen nibs. If you are a pen lover, I believe you have heard about this precious metal. Then iridium is used in What are the advantages ofspark plugs? Iridium is often used as the electrode of thespark plug. This is due to the super corrosion resistance and extremely high melting point of iridium, and the loss of iridium is extremely small under the temperature difference of several thousand degrees inside the engine. Due to the physical characteristics of iridium gold, iridium spark plug electrodes can be made very thin, generally with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm. The thinner the discharge electrode end is, the easier it is to discharge. What is the reason? We can imagine that the lightning rods on the top of tall buildings are all made very thin, which uses the principle that the thinner the lightning rod, the easier it is to discharge. The tip of the iridium spark plug is very thin, when it is ignited, there is less occlusion, and the formation of the flame nucleus will be accelerated, which makes the ignition efficiency higher and the combustion is more sufficient than the ordinary nickel alloy spark plug, which makes the car using the iridium spark plug can be To achieve the purpose of saving fuel consumption, improving power, and reducing emissions, which is why iridium spark plugs have a longer life than nickel alloy spark plugs.

2. T95+ ultra-high performance ceramics, electric strength>=42kv;

Denser and finer crystal powder microstructure ensures its superior physical properties



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