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Torch Group Statistics show that spark plug orders for Q4 this year has minimum 25% increase comparing to Q4 2024.

February 02,2024

Workshops are running 3 shifts in order to meet customer requirements.

There are three main reasons for this ramp up of purchase orders.


First of all, Torch Group spark plug factory has 60 years of experience and it can provide the most professional, the highest cost-effective solutions to customers covering wide range of applications from automotive industry, motorcycles, gardening machines, marines and industrial generators.

Secondly, major players are adjusting their global strategy for spark plug business. Take Bosch Group as example, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned company by Bosch Group. The company was previously known as Nanjing Huade Spark Plug Co., Ltd (NHSP), a joint venture by Bosch Group and Nanjing Electric in 2 April 1996. Bosch Group obtained full ownership of the company by February 2010. It is the Bosch's largest  spark plugs manufacturing base for both the independent aftermarket and original equipment services. However, for some reason, seems Bosch has been reducing its spark plug manufacturing in Chinese factory. Part of the OE business and high end customers, originally buying from Bosch, now turning to Torch Group.


Thirdly, China has good control of pandemic and Torch Group is fully recovered for its manufacturing as well as its supplier chain management. New customers previously purchasing from other countries now are turning to Torch China. This is another important reason for purchase order ramp up.For example, Takumi Japan, a premium brand with high quality, used to sourcing from developed countries, now is seeking for cooperation with Torch Group. It always sticks to and keep highest industrial standards just like DENSO, which is well known a subsidiary group of Toyota Japan.

With newly increased full automatic production lines and capacity, customers increased orders are expected to be manufactured on a timely basis soon in coming new year 2021.


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