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November 27,2023

To check whether the spark plug can continue to be used, it is necessary to measure whether the ignition gap is too large or too small, and whether the ceramic body is damaged or dirty. 2. When replacing the spark plug, use a qualified torque wrench to determine the torque range of the spark plug to be installed according to different types and specifications. The ceramic part of the spark plug and the contact surface of the ignition coil should be coated with insulating grease. 3. The spark plug upgrade can be queried and selected in the adaptation query in the Torch spark plug official account.

It is true to pursue "original packaging", but it does not mean that only those are suitable. In fact, automobile manufacturers do not produce parts, but are produced by various parts brand suppliers and then supplied to automobile factories for assembly, so The spark plugs they use are all supporting services provided by professional spark plug manufacturers (such as: Torch). Torch spark plugs are of the same high quality as the spark plugs provided by the 4S shop and the original spark plugs of the car manufacturers, and they also come from the same production line. Torch original series spark plugs are special-purpose spark plugs tailored for the engines of major automobile factories, among which the original series precious metal spark plugs are the key products of Torch original factory. Including: single-platinum, double-platinum, single-iridium, and iridium-platinum spark plugs. In terms of performance, the electrodes of precious metal spark plugs are thinner than nickel alloys, and the ignition is more concentrated.

It has the advantages of rapid ignition, strong power, and full combustion.

1. Prepare relevant tools before replacing the spark plug, such as wrenches, gloves, spark plug sockets, etc.

2. Open the hood, pick up the plastic cover of the engine, then remove the high-pressure pipeline, mark the position of each cylinder to avoid confusion, and use the spark plug sleeve to take out the spark plugs one by one.

3. In the process of installing the spark plug, put the spark plug in the spark plug hole, then twist it a few times by hand, and then use the sleeve to tighten the spark plug to avoid damage to the spark plug. Next, install the high-voltage branch line in order, and then fasten the cover plate after the installation is completed.

Precautions for replacing spark plugs:

1. Before replacing the spark plug, the vehicle needs to be turned off to cool down for a period of time before replacing it.

2. When tightening all the screws, it is necessary to control the strength to avoid the screw opening from breaking.

3. After the installation is completed, you need to check the wiring of the ignition coil. Start the engine to see if there is any abnormality, if there is no abnormality, you can drive on the road.
Torch spark plugs provide matching spark plug products for many automobile and motorcycle manufacturers around the world. In addition to spark plug products, ignition coils and NTK oxygen sensors all uphold the technical strength and quality of Torch spark plugs to create a comfortable driving experience for car owners.






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