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There are grooved and non-grooved spark plug ceramic bodies, what are their functions? Which is better?

May 10,2023


Hello, this is Torch spark plug.

This design idea is to increase the path length on the surface of the ceramic body without increasing the height of the ceramic body, so as to avoid flashover to the greatest extent. However, with the continuous development of engine design and technology, many German turbocharged engines now use a straight-walled ceramic body design. The length of the ceramic body is increased by changing the shape of the terminal, and the straight-walled ceramic body and the ignition coil rubber sleeve tightness to avoid arcing.

torch brand spark plug

It cannot be said which of these two designs is better. The relationship between them is not an iterative upgrade of the product itself. This is determined by the development of design ideas and changes in design requirements of engines from different manufacturers.

And it cannot be replaced at will. Which spark plug to use is still determined by the vehicle adaptation, and it cannot be replaced at will.

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