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The reason why the ignition coil is always broken

March 10,2023

Reasons :


1. The design and manufacture of batch spare parts cause damage to the  ignition coil, just go to the repair shop to replace the new ignition coil.

2. Because the thermal effect of the current has damaged the coil insulation in the ignition coil, it is necessary to replace the ignition coil with a new one when you go to the repair shop to overhaul the car's circuit.

3. The engine is overheated, and the coil insulation paint is baked and becomes invalid. Just go to the repair shop to repair the engine.

4. The  spark plug  electrode gap is too large. If the spark plug gap is large, it will lead to a large load on the main coil, high heat generation, and rapid aging of the insulation layer. This will increase the load on the ignition coil and cause the breakdown of the high-voltage coil, resulting in short circuit or open circuit. Go to the repair shop to replace it with a new one. The spark plug will do.

The aging breakdown of the insulation layer or the damage of the switch triode, the small gap of the spark plug leads to large discharge current of the secondary coil, heat generation, and rapid aging of the insulation layer. Lifespan will be shorter. The quality of the ignition coil is poor, and there are often quality problems when the coil is wound or welded. When the car encounters vibration during driving, it is easy to short-circuit, causing the ignition coil to fail. Inferior ignition coils are rough and cannot work stably in high temperature and high pressure environments, and are prone to problems.

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