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Spark plug carbon deposition, how to easily solve?

February 03,2023

As an imperceptible hidden danger that affects the power of the car, it is cunning and shrewd. It likes to hide in some corners of the car engine and do mischief. So what are the hazards of  spark plug carbon deposits? How to effectively remove "carbon deposits"

Why is gonna be carbon deposits? 

Spark plug carbon deposits are the residues of insufficient gasoline combustion, which are black substances attached to thespark plugs. For spark plugs that work normally, the surface of the skirt of the ceramic body at the ignition end should be off-white, as shown in picture 1.


When the shape shown in Figure 2 appears on the ignition end of the spark plug, it means that the spark plug has seriously deposited carbon.


There are three resaons

Resaons one: use low quality fuel.The quality of fuel is inseparable. Going to an informal gas station, using fuel that does not meet the national standards, resulting in insufficient combustion, residual impurities attached to the spark plug, and easy to form carbon deposits. Resaons two:bad driving habits In traffic jams, frequently slam on the accelerator under vulgar conditions, and when the vehicle is cold in winter, immediately put into gear after starting, and drive at low speed for a long time, so that the fuel cannot be fully burned, which will easily lead to carbon deposits. And resaons three;The heat value of the spark plug does not match the engine. Generally speaking, if the calorific value of the selected spark plug model is too high, the working temperature of the ignition end of the spark plug is difficult to reach the self-cleaning temperature, thereby forming a large amount of carbon deposits at the ignition end, causing difficulty in ignition, and even engine misfire. High-power engines need to use spark plugs with high temperature resistance. Conversely, low-power engines use spark plugs with lower temperature resistance.


How to preliminarily judge whether the spark plug has carbon deposits?

Difficulty starting the car.


engine idling shake


Insufficient power, slow acceleration, high fuel consumption Therefore, when you take the car with the above situations, you need to pay attention to whether the spark plug has carbon deposits, and replace the appropriate spark plug in time to avoid greater losses.