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Spark Plug and those engine shake things.

December 14,2022

1. The engine has serious carbon deposits.

Solution: Clean the oil circuit, check whether the motor has carbon deposits and should be cleaned.


2. Ignition system problems

One of the causes of jitter is poor work ofspark plugs, high-voltage wires andignition coils. Solution: Check the spark plug for excessive carbon deposits and replace the spark plug.

3. Unstable oil pressure Abnormal oil supply pressure of the oil pump or incorrect value of the intake pressure sensor and poor work will cause the body to shake.

Solution: Check the oil pressure and replace parts if necessary. Aging of engine parts Car jitter is also related to the aging of engine parts. Solution: replace auto parts.

4. If the vehicle starts in first gear, the clutch will vibrate during the entire engagement process.

It is recommended to check whether the pressure plate and friction plate of the clutch are deformed and warped.

5. Problems with the shock absorber system.

Body shake is also related to the aging of the shock absorber system. When the engine is idling, it is also easy to cause shaking when the electrical system in the car is turned on. The engine will increase the load due to turning on the electrical appliances, causing the idle speed to drop, and in order to compensate for the vibration caused by the idle speed slip, the engine will automatically increase the speed by a part. Therefore, when the electrical system is turned on, especially the air conditioner, the engine will often vibrate. This kind of jitter is probably caused by the aging of the shock absorber and needs to be replaced in time.


6. Tire problems For tires

When the car is replaced with new tires and new steel rims, the tires must be balanced once, otherwise the steering wheel will easily shake when the counterweight is uneven. If it is found that the weight of the tires is uneven, it is necessary to add lead weights to the inner side of the steel ring to average the weight of the tires on both sides.

7. Throttle problem.

The most common reasons for car jitter may be that the throttle valve is too dirty and the fuel injection nozzle has too much carbon deposit. When the body shakes, check the throttle valve and fuel injector first. If it is found that the throttle valve is too dirty or the fuel injection nozzle has too much carbon deposit, it should be cleaned with fuel nozzle cleaning agent, throttle valve cleaning agent, etc. in time.

8. The oil pressure is unstable.

It is recommended to go to the repair shop to check whether the fuel supply pressure and intake pressure sensor are normal.