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Replace the spark plugs, only the original packaging better?

January 13,2023

1. Detection ofspark plugs: It is recommended to choose professional detection tools, such as flashover detectors, gap measuring instruments, etc., so that they are more convincing in front of car owners.

2. Replacement ofspark plugs: First of all, it must be applicable, and can be accurately queried according to the small program on the Torch official website. Secondly, we must abide by the spark plug replacement cycle. When installing, use a rubber rod and a torque wrench to standardize the operation to avoid damage by mistake and shorten the service life of the spark plug.

3. Upgrade thespark plug: upgrade according to the correct model that the spark plug can use, and you cannot upgrade blindly

Spark plugs must be replaced in strict accordance with the mileage specified by the manufacturer! If you don't change it, although it can be used, the power will increase with the number of kilometers, and the lightness will disappear. After the customer replaces the spark plug, the test drive will significantly improve the acceleration performance! I have never been superstitious about the original spark plugs, I always input the frame number! Several applicable models recommended by Torch! According to the price level to report to the customer! The original spark plug can only represent the spark plug model used in this model, not the best spark plug!

Torch is the leader in ignition systems

The original spark plugs are only marked with the original car logo on the spark plugs

BMW, Mercedes, Audi do not produce spark plugs

The principle of spark plug replacement is that the resistance and calorific value must match, and the installation torque should be as far as possible according to the original factory data to ensure that the electrodes of the spark plug are in the same position and in the same direction. If the spark plug is installed, if it accidentally falls to the ground Try not to use it to prevent the leakage of electricity caused by the failure of the ceramic body to be found! The sooner the spark plugs are replaced, the better. Solve big problems for little money. Don't wait until the car shakes, is boring, and has high fuel consumption, before you think about replacing it. It costs more than a hundred yuan to replace a set of spark plugs. Replace it in time to see if there are other problems with the car. If it is not disassembled for a long time, it may be difficult to stick and insert. Replace spark plugs must find a professional repair shop. Don't go to any car wash and tire shop for replacements. Also need to use qualified matching spark plugs. Professional tools to tighten the appropriate torque. Find professional people to do professional things! The replacement of spark plugs must be replaced according to the replacement mileage set by the OEM. It cannot be replaced only if it is broken. The choice of a brand is also very important. I recommend Torch spark plugs first, which are reliable in quality and accurately matched. Car Special




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