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Oxygen sensor failure case analysis

January 13,2023

During the driving process of Volkswagen Lavida, the engine fault warning light is on. Use the fault diagnosis instrument to retrieve the fault code P2178 "system is too rich and exit idling". After clearing the fault code, the engine fault light is on again after driving about 500 kilometers. System too rich to exit idle", as long as the engine is not idling, the combustible mixture is too rich. When the oxygen sensor senses that the combustible mixture is too rich, it will feed back a negative signal to the engine control unit, and the engine control unit will correct the air-fuel ratio after receiving this signal. At the limit, the mixture is still too rich. The main components that can cause excessive fuel pressure are the fuel pressure regulator, and the fuel pressure regulator of this car is integrated with the fuel filter element. After replacing the fuel filter element, the fuel pressure returned to normal.

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Frayed engine wiring harness

The most straightforward point is that many car owners think so too! Oxygen sensor is to detect the oxygen content in automobile exhaust! Come and give the signal to the computer version of the engine, and be ready to adjust the fuel injection quantity of the engine at all times, which will cause the car to waste fuel! I have seen two wires of the rear oxygen sensor wire harness of a Buick car were worn off by the half shaft of the engine, so the engine lights up the fault light, and the signal cannot be fed back to the computer version. During that time, it was very expensive, and the owner bought it himself. A brand of oxygen sensor, put it on the car, tested it, and it didn’t reach 200 kilometers in a few days, but the light was still on, and the fault was still the oxygen sensor! ! I firmly recommend him to use the NTK oxygen sensor, and it is also an original supporting product of Buick, which is trustworthy! Loading road test! Called back a week later, there is no fault light! NTK oxygen sensor, as a friend of the car owner, or a repairman, the host is matched! OE quality! trustworthy!The failure phenomenon of the oxygen sensor is as follows: 1. It will increase the fuel consumption and exhaust pollution of the engine, and the engine will experience unstable idle speed, misfire, surge, etc.; 2. Once the oxygen sensor fails, the electronic fuel injection system will be damaged. The computer cannot obtain the information of the oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe, so it cannot perform feedback control on the air-fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor plays a vital role in the normal operation of the engine and the effective control of exhaust emissions. The function of the oxygen sensor is to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas. If the signal of the oxygen sensor is always too high, the engine will continuously reduce the fuel injection volume. At this time, there will be large fluctuations in idle speed and weak acceleration.The working principle of the oxygen sensor is: under certain conditions, use the oxygen concentration difference between the inner and outer sides of the oxide to generate a potential difference, and the greater the concentration difference, the greater the potential difference. The oxygen content in the atmosphere is 21%. The exhaust gas after the rich mixture combustion actually does not contain oxygen. The exhaust gas generated after the lean mixture combustion or the exhaust gas caused by lack of fire contains more oxygen, but it is still less than the oxygen in the atmosphere. many.CONTACT US



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