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OE original spark plug

February 03,2023

Bringing together high-quality alumina from all over the world. Professional ball milling and dispersing equipment to ensure uniform texture. Firing in a high-temperature kiln above 1600 degrees Celsius, you will be invincible.


Hard core strength:

Ingeniously crafted from Chinese steel materials, it perfectly integrates with the engine block. Careful protection treatment prevents dust and oil from adhering. Platinum iridium welded ignition end, shiny, practical and strong

One-stop machinery manufacturing:

Fully automated assembly The shell, ceramic parts and other parts are seamlessly combined. The whole process is mechanized on-line inspection. The ultra-severe host factory bench durability test keeps the settings in the best state


practice the truth:

A standard  spark plug  requires multiple field tests. It flies around Mohe, where the winter temperature is below -30 degrees Celsius, travels around Turpan, where the summer temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius, and bumps in the Kunlun Mountains at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. The fire of life is based on strength. Ignite the "Ultimate Evolution" to complete the OE original series spark plug shocking debut!

Advantages:Perfect partner, precise fit Host supporting products are strictly in accordance with the design parameters of the host factory Strong Ignition Super Explosion Extremely fast start, high-speed operation Time is precious, refuse to waste Eliminate jitter Stationary state Durable and reliable Energy saving, fuel saving, low carbon and environmental protection Low ignition voltage Reduced misfire rate


OE201 Applicable models


As a repair shop, I have always used Torch  spark plugs, because Torch is trustworthy, easy to use, inexpensive and affordable, and I get genuine products. I hope that Torch can go global and go further and further, and Torch is also used as accessories for many models. In short, Torch trustworthy.

OE original matching spark plugs are tested by the manufacturer and meet the best model of engine performance. Torch spark plugs are used as matching spark plugs for many automobile manufacturers. The quality is worthy of recognition!