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Causes of ignition coil damage

March 10,2023

There are many reasons for ignition coil damage.

The first one is that his own work is normal, but the interference signal sent by his work affects others. The engine sensor is working.

The case of difficult repairs.


The second type. Cold car does not work properly. Work when the temperature rises. The ignition is normal. This is changed by temperature. formed faults. This is the transistor inside the wire coil. Malfunctions that are altered by temperature. It's a problem of its own.

The third type. Due to the replacement of inferior  ignition coils  during maintenance, it caused a stage of driving. Computer board damaged due to poor quality ignition coil. There is no protection circuit involved, and there are some options such as materials. Neither is that precise. As a result, the computer exceeds the limit of the computer's control output voltage range when controlling the ignition coil, thus damaging the computer board.

Match between the fourth ignition coil and  spark plug. wrong. lead to. The output power of the coil. too unstable. damage to the coil itself.

In addition to appearance identification, many low-probability sporadic faults of ignition coils are difficult to detect and determine. For example, the problem of the ignition system of Porsche horizontally opposed models, if there is a very low probability of failure, it will be reflected in the use of the vehicle. It is manifested as a gearbox failure prompting that the gear shift is weak, the engine power is reduced, the ignition disappears, and there is no fault memory. For total replacement or by long-term positioning. Can Torch launch professional testing equipment to test the health status of the ignition system as a daily maintenance content or maintenance assistance.