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Small Gas Engine Spark Plug GL4 Matching For Champion 845,NKG B4LM

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1.Detail Specification









Seat Type


Heat Range


Tip configuration

Non Projected


18.5mm insulator length

Terminal Type


2. Advantages

>98% pure copper core increases heat dissipation for more reliable starts and prevents spark plug from overheating.

>High-grade alumina silicate ceramic insulator for superior strength and heat transfer

Cold-rolled threads to prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads.

>Trivalent plating eliminates need for anti-seize and corrugated ribs prevent flashover.

3. Factory Display


Q: Is there a specified tightening torque for the spark plug
A: Q15 Is there a specified tightening torque for the spark plug A The tightening torque for a spark plug changes with the diameter of the spark plug. The following are the recommended torque values.
Q: How long will a spark plug last?
A: Even when a spark plug is correctly used, periodic replacement is required as it is a consumable item.
Q: What is spark plug fouling?
A: It is a phenomenon by which carbon accumulated at the firing end causes electrical leakage that leads to misfiring.
Q: What is the Iridium spark plug?
A: Iridium has very high melting point at 2545 centigrade much higher than that of platinum at 1772. This allows the electrode to be thinner than the platinum type, improving ignitability. In addition, the thermo edge designed in the Iridium spark plug makes it highly resistant to carbon fouling.
Q: What are the effects of spark plug overheating?
A: Prolonged overheating may induce abnormal combustion such as pre-ignition and detonation resulting in melting of the spark plug electrodes and damage of engine.
Q: What kinds of spark plugs offer good resistance to carbon build-up?
A: A spark plug designed for the spark to jump along the insulator surface of firing end, in order to burn off accumulated carbon deposits which may lead to fouling. The intermittent discharge plug, the spark plug with a supplementary gap, and the semi surface gap type.
Q: Is a stain between the insulator and metal shell caused by gas leakage?
A: It is not a stain caused by gas leakage but by corona discharge (corona stain).
Q: What is good ignition performance?
A: "Ignition performance" refers to an engine's ability to successfully and effectively, burn a wide range of air/fuel mixtures. A good spark plug can improve "Ignition performance"
Q: In addition to correct heat rating, what other precautions should be taken durin
A: Ensure the spark plug has the correct thread reach. The engine will not operate properly without the proper thread reach. If a spark plug with the wrong thread length is erroneously used, the piston or valve could strike it and damage the engine. Moreover, there is also the concern that the electrode could overheat and melt
Q: What is a V-grooved type spark plug?
A: It has a 90°V-groove in the tip of the center electrode to enhance ignitability.
Q: What is a resistor spark plug?
A: It incorporates a ceramic resistor to suppress ignition noise generated during sparking. FEATURE It incorporates a ceramic resistor.

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