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  • Are the bearing and seal of water pump repairable ?

    no, the water pump cannot be repaired by a mechanic or technician. The rebuilders and remanufacturers (sometimes the original manufacturers of the part) have access to parts and tooling not available to pretty-much everyone else. Quite often, the manufacturers require your old pump as a "core" so they can rebuild it. I would recommend having a Water Pump Replacement Service completed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, to diagnose this problem, get an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

  • What are the features of water pump bearings?

    1. The profile of stepped shafts does not damage the shaft even if a large amount of force is applied from the belt.

    2. A highly effective seal is used to prevent leakage of filled grease and prevent cooling water that leaks out from the mechanical seal from entering the bearing. Some use a highly-sealed triple-lip seal to further enhance the prevention of cooling water from entering.

    3. The grease used has excellent durability in high-speed rotation, high-temperature, and mixed-water conditions, and the sealing material used has excellent compatibility with cooling water.

  • What are the structure of water pump bearings?

    A: Water pump bearings are sealed double-row bearings with wide spacing between the two rows of rolling elements.

    There is a ball-ball type consisting of only balls and a ball-roller type consisting of a ball and a roller.

    Standard products have a keyway (groove) in the center of the outside surface of the outer ring for a wire (clip) to prevent the water pump bearing from coming off.

  • Functions Required of Bearings and the Water Pump Structure ?

    Water pump bearings are used in the car's water pump. A shaft appropriate to the inner ring is installed, and that shaft is longer than the width dimensions of the outer ring. To the larger-diameter side of the shaft is attached the driving pulley, while the impeller is attached to the small-diameter side.

  • How to achieve longer service life through resistance to Heat and Water?

    Water pump bearings are used in the water pump that circulates cooling water for the car's engine. Torch’s bearings provide a longer service life thanks to their higher sealing performance and grease with excellent heat resistance and water resistance.

  • How are mechanical seals used?

    1. Internal structure of pump

    A pump is a machine that works to move fluids, as in lifting a liquid to its inside. For example, its impeller rotates to move water.

    2. Mechanical seal installation location in pump

    A mechanical seal is installed on the impeller rotating shaft. This prevents the liquid from leaking through the clearance between the pump body and the shaft.

    3. Mechanical seal installation location on shaft

    Mechanical seals are mostly comprised of two rings: a rotary ring on the shaft and a stationary ring on the pump housing.

    4. Mechanical seal structure(stationary and rotary rings)

    The rotary ring rotates with the shaft. The stationary and rotary rings rub against each other ensuring a clearance in the order of micrometers maintained between them. Where they rub against each other, they are referred to as "face materials."

  • If without mechanical seal,what will happen?

    Without a seal

    If no mechanical seal or gland packing is used,the liquid leaks through the clearance between the shaft and the machine body.

    With a gland packing

    If the aim is solely to prevent leakage from the machine, it is effective to use a seal material know as gland packing on the shaft. However,a gland packing tightly wound around the shaft hinders the motion of the shaft, resulting in shaft wear and therefore requiring a lubricant during use.

    With a mechanical seal

    Separate rings are installed on the shaft and on the machine housing to allow minimal leakage of the liquid used by the machine without affecting the rotating force of the shaft.

    To ensure this,each part is fabricated according to a precise design. Mechanical seal prevent leakage even with hazardous substances that are difficult to mechanically handle or under harsh conditions of high pressure and high rotating speed.

  • Function of the Mechanical seals ?

    Mechanical seal are intended to prevent the fluid(water or oil) used by a machine from leaking to the external environment(the atmosphere or a body of water).This role of mechanical seals contributes to the prevention of environmental contamination,energy saving through improved machine operating efficientcy,and machine safety.

  • What are mechanical seals ?

    Power machines that have a rotating shaft,such as pumps and compressors,are generally known as “ rotating machines”. Mechanical seals are a type of packing installed on the power transmitting shaft of a rotating machine. They are used in various applications ranging from automobiles,ships,rockets and industrial plant equipment,to residential devices.

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