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Torch Technical Advantages

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Torch iridium platinum plug

The center electrode uses the world's first ultra-fine 0.6-mm diameter iridium alloy for high performance and a platinum tip is used for the ground

electrode to get even longer service life.


This product uses 0.6mm iridium alloy center electrode. A larger center electrode means a greater cooling effect and poorer ignitability. On the other hand, the 0.6mm diameter iridium center electrodes have an extremely small cooling effect, reducing misfiring and realizing good ignitability, the basic function of a spark plug.

Also, because taxis use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel, a large electrode increases the required voltage, and because this places a larger load on ignition system, it affects the life of the vehicle. With its 0.6mm center electrode that keeps the required voltage low, it can be said that the Torch iridium platinum plug is a car-friendly spark plug.


Platinum Tip

Using a platinum-tipped ground electrode to realize high-performance operation and long life.

A Platinum tip was used, which has a long history of use in platinum plugs. By significantly controlling electrode wear, we've achieved a level of durability equal to that of platinum plugs.

High Strength Insulator

Using a high-strength insulator specially designed for taxis.

By using a high-strength ceramic insulator for LPG engines, a 20% increase in strength was achieved over conventional insulators.

Improved Mileage

Less fuel consumption with a 0.6mm diameter center electrode.

Even during idling, when it is easy for ignition to degrade, ITorch iridium platinum plug reduces mis-sparking and stabilizes idling speed. This results in a quieter engine and improved fuel consumption.


Improved Acceleration

Through steady ignitability, acceleration performance is greatly improved.

Torch iridium platinum plug, through its 0.6mm diameter iridium center electrode, has realized high ignition performance and low spark voltage at levels heretofore unseen. Because of this, there is less misfiring under high spark voltage conditions and fewer misfires under conditions where ignition is difficult, permitting operation with a high level of response under a variety of conditions. As a result, acceleration has been improved.


Excellent Durability

Realizing outstanding life and durability with platinum ground electrodes.

By welding a platinum tip to the ground electrode, wear has been controlled to a significant extent in Torch iridium platinum plug . In addition to acceleration performance, the life and durability of this plug has been increased to that of a platinum plug.

*From taxi monitoring test results. Exhaust volume was for the most part 2000cc.

*Durability will differ depending on the driving conditions.

*The service lifetime of Torch iridium platinum plug will depend on operating conditions and the vehicle it is installed on. (Service lifetime may become shorter depending on the vehicle’s ignition system.)

*Recommended time before replacement is not something that must be followed to guarantee quality.

*The data shown is from internal studies. Also, the "Regular Plug" and "Platinum Plug" referred to here are TORCH products.


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