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Low Price High Quality Motor bike Spark Plugs / BP6HS / W6BC / E6TC SPARK PLUG can replace NGK 4511

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2. Torch Advantage

Motorcycle riders are notorious for seeking out ways of getting more power from their machines, from engine modification to adjusting their gearing. But rather than spending big money on big upgrades, upgrading your motorcycle spark plugs could be just the boost you needed. While vintage bikes stand to reap the most benefit from improved motorcycle spark plugs, even the most sophisticated model will feel the difference. Torch can give you the extra power you’ve been looking for, and more.


Forget about fancy, expensive after-market exhaust systems, upgraded air filters, and carburation kits. For the price of a couple of Torch motorcycle spark plugs, you can get the most bang possible out of the combustion stroke of your bike’s engine. Don’t be deceived by the look of Torch plugs– they look and install just like more conventional spark plugs. But when you look inside these plugs, you find a unique power-boosting technology at its core: a capacitator. This element stores energy, releasing it at the precise right moment.

Timing is everything, especially in a small engine. Our plugs give you a quicker throttle response, harder acceleration, and a smoother ride. What more could you ask for?


The less time you spend maintaining your bike, the more time you get to spend out enjoying the ride, which is why longer spark plug life matters. Our motorcycle spark plugs deliver a more powerful burst of energy than our competitors– for a longer period of time. By combusting fuel efficiently and completely, our plugs stay cleaner and last longer.

Make sure you check your motorcycle spark plug wires when you upgrade your plugs. And crack in the plug wire insulation can cause low voltage in the ignition, causing a loss of overall performance. Black carbon built up on an old plug will tell you if you have a voltage problem or too rich a fuel mix.


A motorcycle that refuses to start on the first crank is one of the most frustrating things motorcycle owners encounter. Motorcycle spark plugs can get fouled fairly easily from improper combustion, leading to difficult starting. But motorcycle spark plugs also just wear out often– so much so that in the old days, almost every rider carried a few spares around just in case. With ultra-efficient combustion, and the most powerful spark imaginable, Torch plugs help to make sure your bike starts on the first crank, every time.


The better your fuel combustion, the more power your motorcycle will have. It also means you squeeze more power out of every last drop of fuel in your tank. Torch motorcycle spark plugs burn fuel more efficiently than conventional plugs– giving you more power, quicker throttle response, and improved fuel economy. Add in the bonus of producing lower emissions, and it’s hard to imagine why you would use any other spark plugs in your trusty steed.

3. Factory Display


Q: What is spark plug fouling?
A: It is a phenomenon by which carbon accumulated at the firing end causes electrical leakage that leads to misfiring.
Q: What are the effects of spark plug overheating?
A: Prolonged overheating may induce abnormal combustion such as pre-ignition and detonation resulting in melting of the spark plug electrodes and damage of engine.
Q: What is good ignition performance?
A: "Ignition performance" refers to an engine's ability to successfully and effectively, burn a wide range of air/fuel mixtures. A good spark plug can improve "Ignition performance"
Q: How long will a spark plug last?
A: Even when a spark plug is correctly used, periodic replacement is required as it is a consumable item.
Q: Is a stain between the insulator and metal shell caused by gas leakage?
A: It is not a stain caused by gas leakage but by corona discharge (corona stain).
Q: Is there a specified tightening torque for the spark plug
A: Q15 Is there a specified tightening torque for the spark plug A The tightening torque for a spark plug changes with the diameter of the spark plug. The following are the recommended torque values.
Q: In addition to correct heat rating, what other precautions should be taken durin
A: Ensure the spark plug has the correct thread reach. The engine will not operate properly without the proper thread reach. If a spark plug with the wrong thread length is erroneously used, the piston or valve could strike it and damage the engine. Moreover, there is also the concern that the electrode could overheat and melt
Q: What kinds of spark plugs offer good resistance to carbon build-up?
A: A spark plug designed for the spark to jump along the insulator surface of firing end, in order to burn off accumulated carbon deposits which may lead to fouling. The intermittent discharge plug, the spark plug with a supplementary gap, and the semi surface gap type.

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