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TOYOTA LEXUS 17801-20040 Aftermarkets Replacement AIR FILTER XAH42004

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1.Detail Specification




318 mm


192.5 mm


38.5 mm


High Quality Soft Rubber

OE No.


Cross Reference No.

BOSCH:0 986 AF2 325; 0 986 AF2 333;0 986 AF2 533; 1 987 429 187

CHAMPION:CAF100942P; U942/606




2. Torch Advantages

1) Good Performance in Filtration Efficiency

High efficiency filter can catch finer impurity particles than ordinary filter. Therefore, the high-efficiency filter can slow down the wear and cylinder pulling caused by impurities entering the engine system. The following photos show the amount of dirt intercepted and filtered by the torch filter and the general filter after the formation of 5km. After efficient filtration, you will breathe fresh and clean air in your car, giving you, your family and friends a good ride experience.


(The picture on the left shows the impurity particles intercepted by our products, and the picture on the right shows the impurity particles intercepted by other inferior products)

2) Better Filter Paper Quality

All filter papers look the same to the naked eye, but the micrograph can let you see the differences between different filter papers. For inferior filter paper, they can only intercept coarse particle impurities, but will let fine particle impurities enter your engine system and damage the service life of your engine system.


(The picture on the left is the magnified picture of the high-quality filter paper microscope used for our products, and the picture on the right is the picture under the filter paper microscope of other low-quality products)

3) More closely bonded Between Filter Paper and End Cap

The poor sealing performance of the inferior filter will cause impurities to slip into the engine system of our car from the bonding between the filter paper and the end cover, which is the result of the filter losing its filtering function and thus unable to protect the relevant parts in our engine system.


(The left picture is an enlarged view of the bonding of our filter, and the right picture is an enlarged view of the bonding of other inferior products)

3. Packing Information

20 pieces in a middle carton, and all the cartons will be packed with pallets to protect the products when shipping by sea.

4. Factory Display


Q: When should I change my air filter?
A: The air filter should be changed in relation to operating environment of vehicle, eg in hot, dusty conditions more regular frequent change period is required. In any case recommend change every 12 months irrespective of conditions or distance travelled.
Q: If I fit a good quality filter, can I use low quality oil?
A: quality filter will not save your engine from excessive wear if there is prolonged use of a poor quality oil. Low quality oil generally means the oil additives deteriorate quicker, putting more stress on the engine. Make sure you use good quality oil and filters.
Q: Why do many air filters have wire screens?
A: To provide strength to the filter due to high air flows and provide fire protection in case of backfires.
Q: Why do Engineers start with Air filter requirements first?
A: Because it is the most important filter. Unfiltered air, with inducted contamination, will cause excessive engine wear. 

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